2011 NL Only Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft (rounds 11-15)

I (Roberts) got together with the best NL-only fantasy players I know to conduct this sites first NL-only mock draft on Friday, February 19th 2011, using  Standard 5×5 league rules. Twelve teams were drafted, featuring the following positional breakdown: two catchers, one of each infield position, five outfielders, one 1B/3B, one 2B/SS, six starting pitchers, three relief pitchers and three bench spots.
For each round, I’ll outline what my thought process was when my turn came around, as well as pointing out what I thought were the best values and biggest reaches by my competitors.

Click Here for Rounds 1-5

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Rounds 11-15

Pick Overall By Player
1 121 Anthony Yadier Molina STL C
2 122 Baker Marlon Byrd CHC OF
3 123 Herd Chipper jones ATL 3B
4 124 Roberts Ian Kennedy ARZ SP
5 125 Suski Ty Wigginton COL 1B,2B,3B
6 126 Daly Jaime Garcia STL SP
7 127 Hawkins Yuniesky Betancourt MIL SS
8 128 Howes Carlos Ruiz PHI C
9 129 Cruz Raul Ibanez PHI OF
10 130 Bright Eric Young JR COL 2B,OF
11 131 Phillips Brad Hawpe SDP 1B,OF
12 132 Rossi Juan Uribe LAD 2B,3B,SS
My Decision: I felt like I needed another starter.  Kennedy fit the bill decently.  He’s real solid, maybe a little weak for a # 2 but I’m hoping he builds upon is solid year last season.
Pick I liked: Is it possible to love something and be terrified of it at the same time?  Because that’s how I feel about Brights, Eric Young Jr. Pick.  If he gets full time reps at 2B this season he’ll put up 50 SB’s.  But with Jose Lopez and possibly Michael Young lurking Young’s playing time could vanish.
Reach: I don’t have a good feeling about Chipper Jones in 2011.  He’s already feeling pain in his knee and spring training games haven’t even started yet.  He’s a HIGH risk middle reward player this season.  I need HIGH reward in order to take that risk.
Pick Overall By Player
1 133 Rossi Omar Infante FLA 2B,3B,SS,OF
2 134 Phillips Placido Polanco PHI 2B,3B
3 135 Bright Tim Hudson ATL SP
4 136 Cruz Ted Lilly LAD SP
5 137 Howes Jorge De La Rosa COL SP
6 138 Hawkins Roger Bernadina WAS OF
7 139 Daly Ryan Ludwick SDP OF
8 140 Suski Brett Wallace HOU 1B
9 141 Roberts Chris Iannetta COL C
10 142 Herd Brett Myers HOU SP
11 143 Baker Lyle Overbay PIT 1B
12 144 Anthony Miguel Tejada SFG 3B,SS
My Decision: I wasn’t planning on taking a catcher this early but I felt like I couldn’t pass up On Chris Iannetta late in round 12.  He has 20+ home run potential if he can put it all together.
Pick I liked: I’m a Roger Bernadina fan.  I like his blend of speed and power.  If he can get his average up a little bit he’d be Andrew McCutchen light. .260-13-45-27 is what I see from Bernadina in 2011.
Reach: I know he has the potential but I still think Suski took Brett Wallace a little early.  Can he hit for power?  He sure didn’t last season. Actually he didn’t hit for anything in 2010.
Pick Overall By Player
1 145 Anthony Johan Santana NYM SP
2 146 Baker Seth Smith COL OF
3 147 Herd Aroldis Chapman CIN RP
4 148 Roberts Mike Minor ATL SP
5 149 Suski Will Venable SDP OF
6 150 Daly Hung-Chi Kuo LAD RP
7 151 Hawkins Jordan Zimmerman WAS SP
8 152 Howes Nate McLouth ATL OF
9 153 Cruz Alex Gonzalez ATL SS
10 154 Bright Carlos Gomez MIL OF
11 155 Phillips Nick Hundley SDP C
12 156 Rossi Josh Thole NYM C
My Decision: I can’t believe I got Mike Minor in round 13!  I think he’s going to be great next season.  He averages a strikeout per inning and has good control to go with it.  Love it
Pick I liked: This round was really pretty bland.  Nothing really jumps out at me.  If Nate McLouth can bounce back from his terrible 2010 Howes might have mad a nice pick.
Reach: I know Josh Thole is a good young catcher who can hit for a decent average but there were much better hitters still on the board when Rossi made this pick.
Pick Overall By Player
1 157 Rossi Jonathan Niese NYM SP
2 158 Phillips Rod Barajas LAD C
3 159 Bright Travis Wood CIN SP
4 160 Cruz Chris Coghlan FLA OF
5 161 Howes Danny Espinosa WAS 2B
6 162 Hawkins Orlando Hudson SDP
7 163 Daly Carlos Zambrano CHC SP
8 164 Suski Tyler Colvin CHC OF
9 165 Roberts Scott Rolen CIN 3B
10 166 Herd Pat Burrell SFG OF
11 167 Baker Bronson Arroyo CIN SP
12 168 Anthony Xavier Nady ARZ 1B,OF
My Decision: I don’t really care for my Rolen pick.  I just thought in round 14 he provided good value.  He won’t be as good as he was last season when he hit .285-20-83-1 in 471 AB’s.  But hopefully he’ll be around .275 with 15 HR’s and stay relatively healthy. (which is my main concern, you can bet I’ll have a decent back-up CI on my bench)
Pick I liked: Howes done did it again!  Like Danny Espinosa’s blend of speed and power.  Just please give me a .250 AVG to go along with that 20-20 potential.
Reach: Probably have to say Anthony’s pick of Xavier Nady.  Its been a couple years since he has done anything.  I think Anthony could have waited a couple more rounds.
Pick Overall By Player
1 169 Anthony Freddy Sanchez SFG 2B
2 170 Baker Clint Barmes HOU 2B,SS
3 171 Herd Jonathan Lucroy MIL C
4 172 Roberts Bill Hall HOU 2B,OF
5 173 Suski David Freese STL 3B
6 174 Daly Ryan Doumit PIT C,OF
7 175 Hawkins Jair Jurrjens ATL SP
8 176 Howes Homer Bailey CIN SP
9 177 Cruz Todd Helton COL 1B
10 178 Bright Blake DeWitt CHC 2B
11 179 Phillips Brandon Allen ARZ OF
12 180 Rossi Clayton Richard SDP SP
My Decision: I really need a short stop.  But I felt like Bill Hall in my middle infield spot was a nice pick at this point.  He’s always a batting average disaster waiting to happen.  But he also has that 25 HR pop I love this late in the draft.
Pick I likedI’m on the Homer Bailey bandwagon this season.  I think he’ll break through.  So I have to give props to Howes for taking him.
Reach: I just can’t see a scenario were Todd Helton is anything more then a cheerleader about halfway through 2011.  I think Wiggington will take over the full time 1B at some point this season.  So I don’t really like Cruz’ pick right here

I’m going to post 5 rounds at a time so not to overwhelm people with to much information all at once.. So check back tomorrow for rounds 16-20

Rounds 1-5

Rounds 6-10

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7 Responses to “2011 NL Only Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft (rounds 11-15)”

  1. I don’t think Kuo is gonna last till the 13th in many drafts, he stole the closing job from Broxton last year and with the way he pitched he should be the dodgers closer this year. I really like my pick of Bailey in the 15th. If he stays healthy he should have a solid year with plenty of run support. David Freese in the 15th is also a good pick for a third baseman who can produce. I also completely agree about getting solid pitchers after round 10. Kennedy and Garcia are both good pitchers to get that late.

  2. Brian Mcann was drafted 2 round who does this jackass pick?

  3. Your right about Broxton .Baily is a reach for now.LA will start this mudbelly until he blows 4 saves in a row. Keep an eye on Baily.17 rounder makes him a sleeper.


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