2011 NL Only Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft

I (Roberts) got together with the best NL-only fantasy players I know to conduct this sites first NL-only mock draft on Friday, February 19th 2011, using  Standard 5×5 league rules. Twelve teams were drafted, featuring the following positional breakdown: two catchers, one of each infield position, five outfielders, one 1B/3B, one 2B/SS, six starting pitchers, three relief pitchers and three bench spots.
The last names of the drafters, in first-round order, determined at random were Anthony, Baker, Herd, Roberts (myself), Suski, Daly, Hawkins, Howes, Cruz, Bright, Phillips and Rossi.
For each early round, I’ll outline what my thought process was when my turn came around, as well as pointing out what I thought were the best values and biggest reaches by my competitors.
Everybody ready? Good.  Anthony is on the clock:
Pick Overall
By Player
1 1 Anthony Albert Pujols STL 1B
2 2 Baker Joey Votto Cin 1B
3 3 Herd Hanley Ramirez FLA SS
4 4 Roberts Ryan Braun MIL OF
5 5 Suski Carlos Gonzalez OF
6 6 Daly Chase Utley PHI 2B
7 7 Hawkins Prince Fielder MIL 1B
8 8 Howes Troy Tulowitzki COL SS
9 9 Cruz Ryan Howard PHI 1B
10 10 Bright Roy Halladay PHI SP
11 11 Phillips David Wright NYM 3B
12 12 Rossi Matt Holliday STL OF
My Decision: It was hard for me to pass up on last years number # 1 fantasy player Carlos Gonzalez.   I actually believe Gonzalez might have more power potential then Braun.  But I just like Braun’s consistency as a top 5 NL player over Gonzalez 1 great year.
Pick I liked: I’m a firm believer that in order to win your league you have to stock-up with as many power hitters as you can early in your draft.  That’s why I like Cruz’s pick of Ryan Howard at #9.  Howard is one of the favorites every year to lead the NL in HR’s.  I feel like you can get speed later in a draft easier then you can get power.
Reach: Its hard to call any of these picks reaches since they are all first round worthy.  But your not going to see many drafts were Votto is # 2.  Buts its hard to argue with the .324-37-113-16 he put up last season.
Pick Overall By Player
1 13 Rossi Justin Upton ARZ OF
2 14 Phillips Tim Lincecum SFG SP
3 15 Bright Andrew McCutchen PIT
4 16 Cruz Cliff Lee PHI SP
5 17 Howes Matt Kemp LAD OF
6 18 Hawkins Buster Posey SFG C,1B
7 19 Daly Ryan Zimmerman WAS 3B
8 20 Suski Dan Uggla ATL 2B
9 21 Roberts Jayson Heyward ATL OF
10 22 Herd Adam Wainwright STL SP
11 23 Baker Jose Reyes NYM SS
12 24 Anthony Clayton Kershaw LAD SP
My Decision: I’m betting against a sophomore slump for Heyward.  Decent stats last season as a 20 year old.  I see him as a potential 30-30 guy to go along with a .300 average.  Might be 1 year to early, but I’ll take my chances.
Pick I liked: Matt Kemp should have a nice bounce back season in 2011.  Considering how young he is and the fact that we was a top 5 pick just last season, Howes swooping him up in the middle of round two could provide some nice value.
Reach: Suski reached a little bit in my opinion on Dan Uggla.  Especially considering that Brandon Phillips went late in round 3, and Rickie Weeks went in the middle of round 4.  I see Uggla as a third round pick at best.
Pick Overall By Player
1 25 Anthony Ubaldo Jimenez COL SP
2 26 Baker Andre Ethier LAD OF
3 27 Herd Jayson Werth WAS OF
4 28 Roberts Jay Bruce CIN OF
5 29 Suski Zack Greinke MIL SP
6 30 Daly Jimmy Rollins PHI SS
7 31 Hawkins Drew Stubbs CIN OF
8 32 Howes Matt Latos SDP SP
9 33 Cruz Brandon Phillips CIN 2B
10 34 Bright Mike Stanton FLA OF
11 35 Phillips Hunter Pence HOU OF
12 36 Rossi Josh Johnson FLA SP
My Decision: I was going back and forth on weather to select Andre Ethier or Jay Bruce with my next pick.  Luckily for me Baker made the decision easy by selecting Ethier before I had a chance.  I like Bruce.  He has legit 35 HR .290 AVG potential and was coming on strong at the end of last season.
Pick I liked: Obviously you know I liked Bakers Ethier pick.  But I also think Anthony snagging up Ubaldo Jimenez in the 3rd round was a nice pick.  If you read my top 90 starting pitchers list you know I have Jimenez as my # 2 Pitcher behind Holladay.  Anthony with Pujols, Kershaw, Jimenez looks to have a solid top 3.
Reach: Hey Mike Stanton could be great, but round 3?  I think Bright could have waited a little bit longer.  Maybe when Stanton hits 40 Hr’s in 2011 I’ll be proved wrong.
Pick Overall By Player
1 37 Rossi Brian McCann ATL C
2 38 Phillips Brian Wilson SFG RP
3 39 Bright Aramis Ramirez CHC 3B
4 40 Cruz Michael Bourn HOU OF
5 41 Howes Rickie Weeks MIL 2B
6 42 Hawkins Matt Cain SFG SP
7 43 Daly Cole Hamels PHI SP
8 44 Suski Heath Bell SDP RP
9 45 Roberts Pedro Alvarez PIT 3B
10 46 Herd Carlos Marmol CHC RP
11 47 Baker Roy Oswalt PHI SP
12 48 Anthony Shane Victorino PHI OF
My Decision: Pedro Alvarez could make or break my mock team this season.  I love his power potential.  Plus 3B seams to be a tad bit thin in 2011.  I hoping for .275 and close to 30 HR’s from Alvarez.  But we’ll see….
Pick I liked: Rickie Weeks is a player that intrigues me in 2011.  I think Cruz did a good job here by taking him.  You worry about the batting average in injuries but you have you like 20-20 potential from your 4th round 2B.
Reach: I’m not high on Roy Oswalt this year.  I don’t think he’s an elite pitcher any more.  So I don’t really care for Baker taking him in round 4 with Tommy Hanson and Yovanni Gallardo still on the board.
Pick Overall By Player
1 49 Anthony Carlos Lee HOU OF,1B
2 50 Baker Tommy Hanson ATL SP
3 51 Herd Yovanni Gallardo MIL SP
4 52 Roberts Matin Prado ATL 2B,3B
5 53 Suski Geovany Soto CHC C
6 54 Daly Chris Young ARZ OF
7 55 Hawkins Colby Rasmus STL OF
8 56 Howes Corey Hart MIL OF
9 57 Cruz Wandy Rodriguez HOU SP
10 58 Bright Pablo Sandoval SFG 1B,3B
11 59 Phillips Jason Bay NYM OF
12 60 Rossi Chad Billingsly LAD SP
My Decision: I went away from my strategy of taking the 5 best power hitter I could with my first 5 picks with my Prado selection.  He’s just so solid, .310 AVG with 15 HR’s is almost a shoe-in.  Plus the fact that he’ll be eligible to play 2B,3B,OF this season is the cherry on top.  My plan is to use him at 2B were I think he is most valuable.
Pick I liked: I like Tommy Hanson.  I think he’ll be a top 5 pitcher this season.  So I have to applaud Baker for grabbing him in round 5.
Reach: Pablo Sandoval is a risky pick this season.  He could hit .330 with 25 HR’s or be sent down to the minors by the 2nd month of the season.  As a Giants fan I hope he has a good season but I’m inclined to let somebody else take that risk.
I’m going to post 5 rounds at a time so not to overwhelm people with to much information all at once.

Click here for rounds 6-10

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6 Responses to “2011 NL Only Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft”

  1. Hey John you messed up your comments on round 4. I was the one that picked Weeks. If he plays near where he was last year, then that will be a great pick. Also its good to see that Stubbs went in the third as I plan on using him for a keeper spot in one of my leagues. I think if Pablo is there in the 5th you gotta take him. Like you said about Alvarez, 3rd is week this year and with a skinny Panda he should have a bounce back year.


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