Diamondbacks get Trevor Cahill from A’s for Prospect Jarrod Parker

The A’s and the Diamondbacks are doing business again this off-season.  Remember back in 2007 when Oakland sent SP Dan Haren and SP Connor Robertson to Arizona in return for SPs Brett Anderson, Dana Eveland, and Greg Smith, infielder Chris Carter, and outfielders Aaron Cunningham and Carlos Gonzalez.  Even though Dan Haren is still really good, Billy Beane usually knows what he’s doing when he does these types of deals.  Anderson would be a stud if it wasn’t for injury’s and Carlos Gonzalez is one of the best outfielders in all of baseball.

So back to this trade where the Diamondbacks acquired pitchers Trevor Cahill and Craig Breslow from the Athletics for minor leaguers Jarrod Parker, Collin Cowgill and Ryan Cook.  Who got the better of the deal and more importantly how will Cahill do next year in the NL west?

I live in San Francisco and watch just about every Giants game.  But I also will take in an A’s game every once in a while and I have to saw that I think Cahill is way overrated.  He gets a bunch of ground balls, but he doesn’t have big strikeout numbers and his whip has been above 1.40 2 out of the 3 years he’s been in the league.  Cahill is only 23 years old so he obviously has some room to grow but as of right now I think I would label Cahill as a “BUST” candidate going into 2012.  Especially if people think he’s a number one starter, which I promise you he is most definitely not.  The only bright thing I can say about Cahill is he does get to face the Padres and Giants a bunch of times next year.  Those two teams can make any pitcher look like Bob Gibson.  Also the Diamondbacks will be the favorite to win their division again, so even mediocre pitching could yield a fair amount of wins.

I think the Diamondbacks will regret giving up Jarrod Parker.  I got a chance to see him pitch in one game last year and he looked pretty good.  He had Tommy John surgery in 2010 so durability might be a concern for him.


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